Finding a Reliable Electrician


Electrical problems could easily cause a disaster, so don’t wait long before you take care of them. With some simple tips and tricks, you can hire a trusty professional electrician in no time.

What Makes an Electrician Professional?

First of all, electricians should hold an electrical state license. The following are additional designations proving they are qualified to maintain the safety of electrical circuits:

Master Electrician

A master electrician is one who has passed a standardized exam and practiced the trade for no less than two years in their state. This tradesman knows the National Electrical Code like the back of his hand, along with the degree of compliance of his state to the same.

A master electrician’s job includes design, installation and maintenance of electrical projects.


A journeyman electrician is state-licensed but has not passed the standardized test for master electricians. In most states, a journeyman is only allowed to work under the guidance of a master electrician. His job covers wiring and equipment installation but not electrical system design. Local electricians also need a permit from the local building department and have their work checked by an inspector, giving you added protection.

Electrical Specialization

You need to ensure that your hunt for an electrician is focused on your needs – is your home an older building with complex wiring, new construction, or maybe a mix of both? It always pays to choose an electrician with the right experience.

Personal Recommendations

Sometimes, looking for a good Camdenton Residential Electrical service is as easy as asking relatives and friends whom they hire for their electrical needs at home. This is a smart way to streamline the process of solving your problem.

Professional Consultations

If you have some a friend or relative who just completed a home improvementĀ  project, ask their contractor to help you find a good electrician. Camdenton Commercial Electrical contractors normally have to call on their list of trusted electricians every now and then, so they can probably provide you a few names. It’s also a good idea to approach local electrical supplies stores and your local home builders’ association.

Online Listings

There are plenty of websites where you can find names and contact details of local electricians, as well as customer reviews and ratings.

Insurance Protection

Personal recommendations and the Internet are great places to begin your search, but certainly, you still have to do the rounds of verifying the qualifications of your prospects.

You need to confirm whether or not the electrician has liability insurance for your own protection, and that of everyone involved in the project.

If they say they have insurance, don’t be happy with that. Call their claimed provider, or better yet, request for a certificate that proves the electrician’s coverage. You don’t want to hire an uninsured electrician for obvious reasons.


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